What extra finishes can we offer?

Blind embossing: This embossing process makes your flyers three dimensional, accentuating fonts, logos or patterns.

Lamination: This option involves us applying a wafer-thin film to your flyer, not only enhancing its look, but also ensuring it is better protected and more robust.

Hot foil flat embossing: This refinement option adds luxurious gloss, e.g. if you select gold or silver metallic foils. During printing, the hot foil can be applied precisely to a predefined area as a transfer foil.

Hot foil relief embossing: This is a combination of relief embossing and hot foil embossing. Your flyers become three dimensional, and the refinement enables impressive light reflections.

Relief varnish: While blind embossing can also be felt on the back page of the flyer, the relief varnish only works on the surface. T

UV varnish: This involves applying an additional layer of varnish to significantly increase your flyer’s robustness and also create impressive visual effects. The varnish can be applied across the entire flyer, or only to selected parts as UV spot varnish.

In addition to the refinement options presented here, you can also accentuate things further with perforation and creasing.